About Me

Welcome to My world! My name is Princess though if you search for Me on the web you’re likely to find Me under the name Dominant Princess (Princess by name, Dominant by nature!) Though just call Me by name – Princess! I’ve always been dominant and I love using My dominant and addicting personality to control the male species.

I found the online Domme world in 2009 and have been using this world to My advantage since then, there has been a lot of wallet draining, mind control, manipulation and teasing just to name a few of My art forms.

I am My own boss! I AM THE BOSS in fact and I vow never to work for anyone again, I am lucky to live the lifestyle I have!

Wallet Dipping

I’m a bit of a diva, spoiled and love to get things My way, I have been like this for a long time, I’m very well practised!

Although I am dominant it does not make Me a nasty person, in fact I am mostly a very sweet and caring person, funny and witty also. I have a seductive and sensual aura that most people are drawn to. My sweet smile and piercing green eyes alone get Me what I want.

I’m outspoken and opinionated and will never back down when I know I am right, I will always stand up for Myself. I am a firm but fair person. I am very intimidating and often males, although look from a distance seem frightened to approach Me! I have a no nonsense attitude, blunt, straight down the line and like to get to the point. I am demanding and impatient and tend to want things done ‘yesterday’.

Worship Me With Your Wallet

My great love is a love sick male who is ready and willing to give his wallet to Me in order to satisfy Me. I love money and everything it buys Me. When your money becomes Mine it gives Me the greatest pleasure and to be dressed head to toe in gifts gives Me an overwhelming feeling each time I step out wearing them or having them in My possession whatever they may be.

I love all things glamorous such as beautiful jewellery, watches, the highest and sexiest heels and beautiful lingerie to name a few. I am addicted to anything leopard print and have a real thing for fur, I have a few fur jackets which I try to wear as often as possible though mainly more on an evening. I also love bright sexy lipsticks and if they match My nails, even better! I never go out without My nails and Myself looking immaculate I am a picky person and I’m first to pick up on others imperfections, although I know no one is perfect this is probably why I always try to look My best. My home is always perfect too and there is never anything out of place, I’m a control freak that does not like mess, it is My castle and of course anything in it that has also been bought for Me from an adoring male is always welcomed.

I enjoy evenings out and fine dining and enjoy a large glass of white wine (or few) at the table and if moving onto a bar My mood will most likely move Me onto mojitos.

If you were lucky enough to find Me in a bar I would be the diva sat in the corner where I am always noticed more so then the attention seekers on the dance floor. I turn heads in any room I walk into and complimented by all, whether that be on My heels, My outfit or the like, even better when I know the compliment is on a gift as I then love to talk about how one of My adoring love sick puppets has dressed Me in his gifts that evening, that feeling of power I get as I am looked at as even more of a Goddess from a fellow female and the smile I get as I am given that ‘girl power’ look.

Birthday Tribute

A few other things:

  • My Birthday: 2oth May, keep a note of that as I expect to be spoiled especially on this day.
  • My Star Sign: Taurus, as a typical Taurean My traits are, reliable, warmhearted and loving, persistent and determined, placid and security loving, though also possessive, inflexible, self-indulgent and greedy.
  • My Height: 5’4″
  • My Dress Size: 6/8 (uk)
  • My Shoe Size: 5 (uk)
  • My Hair: Long, Brown
  • Shops: Aldo, ASOS (this is the My favourite place to shop! So buying Me ASOS vouchers is a great way to make Me smile!)
  • Clothing Materials I Like : Leather, lace, denim, spandex, cotton, wet look, nylon, lycra, fur.
  • My Typical Lingerie: Pretty sets, bandeau style bras, thongs/g strings, sexy suspenders & stockings, funky patterned tights, fishnets, delicate pantyhose, bodystockings, garters, bra and panty sets.
  • My Typical Clothing: Jeans, leggings (wet look/lycra/spandex,cotton) dresses (tight mini/figure hugging/long floaty) cute shorts, equestrian attire (jodhpurs/tops/boots), leather jackets, leather gloves, wet look/metallic/shiny clothing, fur coats.
  • My Footwear: Boots (over the knee/ankle/ugg/thigh highs/hunters) high heels (peeptoes/sling backs/platform) wedges, flip flops, birkenstocks, converse, ballets flats.

If this isn’t quite enough about Me you can read all about Me and My updates, you can also follow Me on Twitter – @Domme_Princess where you can keep up to date with Me in real time. I love to share My views and personal opinions with you all, I know you won’t want to miss out on anything that is going on in My life.

It will give you an insight into My world and will slowly entice you in. Be warned, I am very addictive you won’t be able to escape!

If you are lucky enough I may let you into My world but you have to prove yourself!

Are you worthy of My time?