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You Belong To Us Slave (1080p)

Custom Clip:

Please wear an outfit that reminds me of a rich woman, in love with her husband, a riding outfit perhaps? Take off the boots at the beginning of the clip…In the middle of the clip, let your feet rest where I can see the soles…Another suggestion, would be wonderful to see Your feet in some different angles and distances. 
So…You’re lying on your side, a rich Equestrian Goddess, telling me that I was bought by You and Your husband, my new Masters. So You TELL ME that from now on, I will serve my new Owners, my Master and my Mistress. And You continue TELLING ME that now I am a personal and domestic slave of a young alpha couple. I will always walk behind You both, carrying Your things and following You. I have to love and be loyal to my Owners, because my life belongs to You both forever. When You both get home, I run to pick up the things You leave on the floor and take off Your boots. You call me “SLAVE” many and many times in the clip. Tell me You will take me by collar in the streets. If I do something wrong, I will be whipped! Tell me I belong to You and I am just a property and a slave of my Master and Mistress forever. Tell me I HAVE NOT OTHER CHOICE, I am You slave, Your prisoner forever! Now I have to work hard for my Master and Mistress. In Your house I will stay naked all the time, as a slave must be. I will shower You both and I have to accept if my Master wants to piss on my face at His shower, because I HAVE NO CHOICE… You laugh at me in a snobby and sarcastic way and tell me that I will be Your slave and PROPERTY forever. Please don’t forget to call me “SLAVE” many, many and many times in the clip. Thank You
You Belong To Us Slave
Price: $17.99 USD
Length: 12 minutes
Size: 447 MB
Format: mp4
Resolution: 1920×1080

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