Overdue Gift Post

It’s been over a month since My last blog post, to be honest it’s gone on the back burner since spending so much of My time producing My clips. I’m certainly not complaining about that, I love making My clips! :) … Just saying!

Anyway, this post is well overdue not just because it’s been a while since I blogged but because this is a gift post! :D In fact the gifts I’m showing off today have been piled up in My bedroom for some time now lol

Some of you may recognise them from the odd photo here and there that I’ve uploaded to Twitter and of course if you’ve purchased one or more of these then you’ll spot your gift(s) to Me too :D

These have been bought by different males, some were for My birthday (20th May – yes I didn’t even blog then! Oops) some have been bought from males I’ve never spoken to (just arrived – love those purchases!) Some have been purchased by My clip addicts :)

Here is My amazon wishlist for those of you who can’t seem to find it! *rolls eyes* no excuses! I’ve added more new items on there lately, it’s hard to keep track of items in and out of stock, I try to keep it updated as much as possible, the best thing to do is buy straight away! Obviously! :) Take a look at what I want most, there’s normally a reason behind it too! Like the equipment I want to make My clips even better! (you benefit too!) the sexy clothes and shoes you see on there, I want them for My clips as well! Of course anything on there you buy I’ll like, I put it on there! lol

Now take a look at these fabulous goodies… want your gift to Me on here? Buy one! :)


Feel The Rush!

I thought I’d put a reminder here about My PO Box address for gifts, cash, cards etc. Another great way to reach out to Me! But I feel it’s not being used to it’s full potential and that needs to change. Although it’s not a person to person interaction you would have with Me, it’s a great way to feel that extra connection.

For those who enjoying spoiling Me and opening up your wallet, this is a great way to do that! Yes, of course I accept online payments and gifts from My wishlist, I’d be stupid not to do this since you’re all lurking online and of course I don’t do real time sessions, it’s also quick and easy, it works for both parties but of course sending Me that envelope of cash (cold hard cash!) in the post along with a hand written letter/note or gifts that you may want to wrap yourself, especially when it comes to My birthday (20th May). Using My PO Box address for all of these things is the best way to feel the extra rush!

Imagine taking those crispy notes out of your wallet, putting them in an envelope and posting them to Me, knowing that those same notes will go into My purse! It’s one step away from placing them in My hands yourself!

Use My PO Box address for how it was intended, using you, controlling you and taking the cash from you wallet! ;)

PO Box 250, Consett, DH8 1GB, United Kingdom

Draining Session

So as I’ve been spending so much time moving over old blog posts from My old website, all My new stuff I want to talk about is all a bit back logged! As you’ll see from this post, since this was from September just gone! Still it’s still all new blog posts even if I am still playing catch up!

So this new post is about the day I had another little draining session, this was with someone who chats with Me on webcam every now and again.

I took a nice £400.00 amazon gift certificate off him plus £346. 92 on webcam (minus My fees) and £180.00 in tips :)

Not bad with just over £900 spent on Me :) I do love days like this, cash and gifts is certainly the best way to get My attention!

Gifts Always Please Me!


Just a small blog post with a handful of gifts I have received over the past few weeks from different worshiping males, I have to say I’m most excited by My new Canon EOS 600D camera! A nice £450.00 gift for Me! :D Of course I am also very happy with all of them as I am with every gift I receive, if it’s on My wishlist I want it! No matter how inexpensive or expensive it is! Every gift pleases Me enormously and the gifts on priority (take note of My messages next to these gifts) please Me even more!

I try to keep My wishlist updated as much as I can, but items do go out of stock and of course I am a very busy lady so cannot always keep My eye on it so if you see something you like then do not hesitate in purchasing it for Me. Also, do remember that My wishlist is about Me and what I want though I do realise that many males buy Me what they like too! So a male who likes heels tends to buy these, the cucks buy lingerie, perfume etc some males like to buy the most expensive, some the cheapest! Some actually buy from My priorites :D so if when looking at My wishlist something just doesn’t “grab you” even though it’s about Me!! Simply send Me a gift certificate instead at least then you know you’re still pleasing Me and contributing towards something, maybe the gift you can’t afford but would like to buy most?!

As long as you make your purchase you know that you’ll be pleasing Me which also pleases you!

Win, win! :)

Anyway onto My gifts and of course My good ole’ photos of them :)

Monster Gift Post


It seems a while since I’ve posted anything about gift purchases here (or anything else for that matter) but lately I’ve been receiving so many gifts that each time I was about to do a blog post more arrived in the post!

I thought I’d wait until there was a pause in gift deliveries before I did one!

So here it is!

I love each and every gift I have received but just remember I am never completely satisfied and always want MORE! ;)

So here are My latest gifts…

P.S I always keep My wishlist updated – take note of My priorities on there!

Now, get your wallet out and buy Me something from My wishlist and see your gift purchase here too! :)