Domme/Sub Photoshoot

I was recently approached by a local photographer to do a photoshoot, with payment offered for a 2 hour shoot for something I love I couldn’t really say no! :) I suggested bringing someone else into the equation, I love D/s shoots and after working with other fabulous people in past shoots it was something I was keen on doing.

The photographer suggested a girl called Beccy, turns out she was lovely to work with as was the photographer.

So, the day of the shoot! I actually arrived first! Normally I’m late to everything! I was quite impressed with Myself lol anyway it’s good to get to these sort of things early anyway, it gives Me time to settle in as such and to introduce Myself to everyone I’m working with for the day/afternoon or whatever, I hate being flustered really and being the professional that I am it’s important to Me that I come across that way! In any business where you want to build relationships the last thing you want to do is piss someone off! Me > them or them > Me! A good reputation is a must!

So here I am early with a full suitcase of high heels, props and clothing, including wet look outfits, stockings, lingerie sets etc. I never travel light! lol  The location for the photoshoot was a local Dungeon which is actually based inside a swingers club! I’ve never been to a swingers club before (not My thing lol) and since I was first to arrive instead of just being sat waiting around, the Dungeon Master who was there to let us in asked Me if I wanted a guided tour. Hell yeah, why not I thought! Lets have a nosey around! There was a few different rooms including a sauna, a hot tub, themed rooms and plenty of bed space shall we say for their swinger customers!

We soon ventured into the Dungeon, this was where I really wanted to be, I’ve never been in a Dungeon before, of course this is where the shoot was taking place anyway so it was good to familiarise Myself with it before they both arrived.

The walk down the stairs into the Dungeon felt cold and eery and I could feel the atmosphere with each step I took. It was dark, the room painted with deep red/burgundy coloured walls, so much equipment going on in there it made My eyes light up! I’d never seen so many different whips that were hanging on the walls, I just had to ask the Dungeon Master if I could try a few of them out, he was only too kind to let Me, it seemed the riding crop was the one I felt most comfortable with, even the way it sounded as it cut through the air made Me grin, I knew I could cause some pain with that! I’ve always wanted to give a male a good spanking/whipping/lashing, he told Me he likes to switch sometimes and enjoys a good bottom spanking, it was only right of Me to ask if I could have My first go on him, of course he just couldn’t refuse and of course I fucking loved it!!!! All of this before I’d even got on with what I was supposed to be there for, a photoshoot!

Hey, if  you don’t ask you don’t get! It’s just typical of Me to get My feet under the table anyway and get comfortable.

So, after literally a few minutes of whipping fun we headed up back to the reception area and within a couple of minutes the door bell was going and Beccy arrived. She didn’t realise it was Me that was working with her, I obviously didn’t look dominant in My jeans and Birkenstocks lol,  actually she thought I worked there! I obviously looked way too comfortable shaking her hand and welcoming her in lol,  I’m quite like that anyway though, a bit of a Mother hen at times, I like to make others feel comfortable, she was only in her early 20’s, so sweet and quiet, I thought “I hope I’m not going to frighten her today in our D/s shoot” lol.

We quickly got talking about My Domme life online, she was so intrigued and of course the questions flowed, I always expect that! :)

Next the photographer arrived, a lovely man, quiet and professional. I quickly introduced Myself as did Beccy, though there wasn’t too much time for nattering with him due to him running late, he had to get on setting up his equipment, so off he went to the Dungeon, lights and camera in tow. Myself and Beccy relaxed and continued to chat about My online world :)

Ok, so on to the shoot, we ended up shooting over an hour and half and it was great fun, I haven’t been in front of a photographers camera for a little while so I felt rusty, weird that since I’m always taking photos of Myself or filming Myself for My clips but it’s different when you’re the subject in front of their lens! I’m good at taking direction and of course because of My experience in what I do I’m quick with My ideas. I knew though that Beccy had no experience of anything fetish related or D/s related! It helps when you’re working with someone who knows at least a little about this sort of thing but hey it was the photographer booking us and paying, not Me booking and paying others. I knew that Beccy might feel uncomfortable with some of My ideas so I didn’t push her too much. We did a few different D/s scenarios all of which were fun :) starting with the least intimidating stuff and working up to the better stuff hehe – I tied her up, I walked her round like a dog, had her at My feet, used her as human furniture, put My leathered hands around her neck etc that sort of thing. I have to say that the more she spent time with Me and the longer we were there the more relaxed she felt :) At one point she was asking to put one of the collars back on after it was taken off for another part of the shoot lol :)

Of course as this was stills rather than video work you have to stop and start, as in get into the scenario and pose. I think I much prefer video work, being able to talk and dominate the person/viewer and going with the flow, for it to feel more real :)  Though photo work or video work, as long as I’m doing what I love that’s all that matters :)

As I was paid for the photoshoot there was no agreement about getting any of the photos but the photographer did email Me later that day with a handful of them :) here’s just a few of them …

Dominant Princess

Dominant Princess

Dominant Princess

Dominant Princess

All in all it was a great day, a paid photoshoot, meeting the lovely Beccy and the photographer, experiencing the Dungeon and of course having a go at whipping for real for the very first time :)

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