Fetish Clips

My fetish clips are available to those of you who simply enjoy a different approach to interacting with Me (as such) they are available to purchase from My Clips4Sale and IWantClips stores.

They include lots of My favourite fetishes such as, financial domination, blackmail fantasy, boot domination, high heels, foot worship, humiliation, verbal humiliation, forced intoxication, forced bi, spit fetish, homewrecking and mesmerize just to name a few!

Remember to tribute Me after watching My clips, it’s the perfect way to show Me your appreciation! You can tribute on either My C4S or IWC stores.

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My current mark up codes are:

  • CHEAP LOSER (adds 10% to your order)
  • CUM DUMP (adds 20% to your order)
  • JERK PUPPET (adds 25% to your order)
  • BOOT BITCH (adds 35% to your order)
  • FAGGOT4PRINCESS (adds 40% to your order)
  • VIRGIN LOSER (adds 50% to your order)
  • PAY BITCH (adds 75% to your order)
  • POPPERS PUPPET (adds 100% to your order)


Do you have an idea for a clip you’d like Me to film? An idea is something simple! Maybe you’d like for Me to wear a garter in a leg fetish clip. Maybe you’d like Me to wear red lipstick in a spit fetish clip.  Maybe you’d like to see a verbal humiliation clip where I whisper only into your ear. You get the idea! Short and sweet, a quick idea! Basically something that is not going to put Me out though you’d like to see in a future clip! Do not confuse a simple clip idea with a custom clip! A custom clip is much more detailed and works around a particular fantasy etc. Custom clips are always made a priority whereas a clip idea I will simply work My way into future clips. So have an idea? Great! I want to film what you like though do remember I have to like it too! Just fill in the short form below and I’m sure I’ll work with it at some point. Do not expect a reply once you’ve submitted your idea though I may if I feel like it.


Would you like to request a custom clip?

Simply fill in the webform below!

Please note, clip times will never be precise! Eg, a 15 min clip may be 16 mins 18 secs, a 10 min clip may be 9 mins 45 secs, a 30 min clip may end up being 33 mins. Just know I will obviously keep as near as possible to the clip time you have requested. This is due to editing, I always have to edit to make sure My clips are the best! Which means at times I may have to trim bits out or at times I have actually gone over time when filming so will just give you a longer clip, I like to go with the flow and let My imagination take over so instead all custom clips are made generally around the time you have requested. Take a look at My Clips4Sale and IWantClips stores for the length of other custom clips.

I do not follow scripts, trying to remember some sort of heavily detailed script is only going to put Me off, I much prefer to use your idea and make it into My own piece of art! My experience mixed with My devilish mind will assure you that you’ll enjoy the finished piece. At the end of the day if you’ve decided to come to Me for a custom clip you obviously know how good it’s going to be!

I look forward to receiving your request!

My Latest Custom Clip:

Poppers JOI: Worship Me, Love Me


I would be grateful if you could do a JOI for me, please. Act as if you know me, you’ve always known me, even if I didn’t know it my self. You want me naked for your instructions, to worship and love you while you force me to look into your eyes and follow your commands, getting me to intensely sniff and stroke at the same time. Play close to the camera when being soft and sweet and then tease with a wide shot when being commanding and hard. Let your imagination go, you know what is best Work me hard for you, showing my devotion as I worship you with obedience, control the pace of my sniffing as you click your fingers while jerking me off. Encourage my love and addiction to you, sprawled across a wide bed in some dark lingerie would be perfect, you are always cool and classy. Build to a forced orgasm as you make me milk me dry, make me look into your eyes as I cum, you want to see me orgasm hard for you as you tell me this is only the start, I now belong to you.

Thank you very much for your time. Niem

Poppers JOI: Worship Me, Love Me

Price: $18.99 USD
Length: 11 minutes
Size: 429 MB
Format: MP4
Resolution: 1920×1080

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