Financial Domination

Since financial domination is by far My favourite fetish I thought it deserved a page all of it’s own! Financial domination gives Me great satisfaction as money and power go hand in hand for Me.

If you’re new to this fetish and not too sure what it’s all about then read the following. So what is financial domination? This is where someone has the desire to pay, tribute and gift a Dominant, usually a submissive male who worships the Dominant Female. True financial servitude means that the submissive gives without expecting anything in return but instead he gets his satisfaction by satisfying the Dominant Female (Me!) As mentioned previously, a win, win situation.

Tributes and gifts are given regularly as a way of showing his devotion, in return he may be granted with a reward if he has shown true dedication or then again could be verbally abused as he submits with his wallet and humiliated at the same time.

Expensive Legs

I have drained many bank accounts, emptied many wallets and received many gifts over the years. If you would love to have the opportunity to financial serve Me, the easiest way for you to get started and get the ball rolling is to purchase a gift from My wishlist or you can send Me your tribute here.

Any gifts or tributes that have been given to Me can either be found on My blog or most recently on My twitter. You can also take a further look on My purchased section of My wishlist to see the wonderful gifts that have been purchased for Me so far. When looking at My wishlist do take note of My priority items, not forgetting to look at the note next to the gifts most wanted.

Remember that you will work hard to please Me, you will think only of Me and how you can improve on pleasing Me each time, I will be the first thought you will have in the morning and the last at night, you will strive to be your best for Me each day, you will put Me first at all times, as you have bought Me one gift you will immediately think of what you can buy Me next and you will sacrifice your life for My lifestyle.

There is always a way to give your wallet to Me and I’m always looking for new ways of taking it!