My Fetishes

Here you will find My list of My favourite fetishes, it will give you more of an insight into Me and show you what makes Me tick and what I enjoy most and why!

Financial Domination:

Financial Domination is first and foremost at the top of My list of fetishes. For Me, both money and power go hand in hand which I thrive on. For you, being able to have the opportunity to open your wallet to Me also gives you you’re own satisfaction.

A win, win situation where by you get pleasure when you pleasure Me!

I love My adoring paying males who can’t get enough of spending on Me and these males are made an example of. These males go to the top of My list for knowing how to please Me. When your gifts are delivered to Me and the cash goes from your hand into Mine it fills Me with excitement and real pleasure. To be dressed head to toe in your gifts, touching everything in My home that you have bought Me, filling the petrol up in My car with your cash to pampering Myself with your money gives Me such a thrilling feeling!

Any luxuries you are used to will no longer exist as I become your new one!

The best way to get started and enjoy My favourite fetish with Me is by either going directly to My wishlist and purchasing a gift for Me or by sending Me your tribute.


Humiliation is something I get a real kick out of, I think it’s very natural for a female to humiliate another human being (especially a pathetic male!) It seems to be something that we females have picked up on from an early age! I personally get my own kick out of humiliating someone, it seems to come very natural to Me, sometimes I don’t even know I’m doing it! Of course when it comes to My online world I know exactly what I’m doing, I emphasize on what I’m saying, but in day to day life I can at times humiliate someone in an instant! I’m quick to put someone down and embarrass them in front of others, make a fool of them and correct them! The red cheeks on their faces and nervous laugh shows Me what I’ve done without even trying!

However it comes in very handy in My online world when dealing with pathetic males! There are more then a million ways to humiliate someone, I’m a true natural and so you’ll feel the real Me when enjoying My humiliation fetish with Me!

Verbal Abuse:

I love verbally abusing someone, though not just in general name calling (that’s too easy!) but in other ways too, verbal abuse isn’t always about shouting at someone and throwing nasty names at them it’s also about putting them down, using a tone and cleverly torturing their mind with long lasting truthful comments. The mind is the most powerful organ so for Me, getting into there and leaving My mark is My aim!! My accent and voice is the perfect combination of getting into your head and fucking around with your tiny mind, you will enjoy My technique and whatever I throw at you in whichever way I choose, but later, when you have a moment to think about all I have said it will all be swirling around that tiny mind of yours and you’ll find yourself in a battle with a love and hate relationship with Me because of it.


This fetish is very popular amongst you little males! Of course this must be consensual as we all know you’re not really allowed to go round blackmailing people, and for most it is a game! A fantasy and a rush! For Me I like to push that little further and really make someone sweat! It gives Me power, and power is something I crave! I love being in control and I love to take over someone, this fetish gives Me more of an opportunity to do that! Many males come to Me asking to be blackmailed but not many can even cross the first hurdle with Me! As I’m a cunning young lady with tricks up My sleeve I can still get you! I won’t give My secrets away though you need to be blind and led into a false sense of security with Me!

Forced Intoxication:

I love this so much! Intoxicating you using aids such as poppers or alcohol means I can get what I want from you in quicker way, a different way, to have you at My mercy, brain fucked, head fucked, losing control, feeling weak, feeling vulnerable, having to depend on Me, have Me control you! I love getting you high for Me, either just to make your head spin and completely fry your mind or to make you My weak addicted puppet, falling for Me, needing Me, making you more submissive for Me. I get lots of power from this even though it’s via My clips! The feedback I get from My popper puppets tells Me all I need to know in how powerful I am!


Mmmm getting into your mind! Well this is the most powerful organ! I love to take over your brain, you may think it’s all temporary every time you watch one of My brainwashing/mind fucking type clips but I assure you I can take what I want from you in an instant as well as playing the long game! You become more and more addicted to Me! I love to make you My weak little zombie, you can’t think for yourself, you need Me to think for you, to control you. I can be harsh on your mind with My mind fucking humiliating words or I can be gentle, soft, though manipulative, always making you the puppet dancing to My voice and little mind fucking games!


This is a very fun fetish for Me! It’s just so wrong isn’t it! ;) Maybe that’s why some of you love it too! For Me, it’s about leading you astray, pushing your limits and boundaries, seeing how far you will go for Me, I get a kick out of pushing you, making you be a bad husband just for Me! I also won’t let anything stand in My way, and being the alpha female that I am, wanting your devotion, your cash, your mind, if that means your cock has to betray her for Me to get what I want from you then so be it, she’s just collateral damage!

Ass Worship:

Well I do have an ass worthy of worship! It’s shapely, round, tight, firm, a bounce back little bottom! It looks amazing in tight dresses, little booty shorts, thongs/g strings, tight jeans, jodhpurs, yes the list goes on! So you want to worship it and I want it worshipping! Ass worship can be done in a sensual way, kissing, licking and so on with gentle nudges from Me on what I want though it can also be worshipped in a much more humiliating way (for you!) being told in My very bratty way EXACTLY what I want, maybe making you lick My asshole, having you beneath Me with Me dominating you in this way can make you feel more submissive. Always appreciate being able to worship such a beautiful little bottom via My clips no matter how I choose to dominate you!

Foot Worship:

This is a very popular fetish and so I’m glad I enjoy it too! My feet are perfect and My nails are always painted generally in pinks, reds and corals but sometimes in plums, chocolates and purples too. I have size 5 (38) feet, so average size but not average feet! I have long toes and narrow feet with soft soles, they are very cared for. I love to wear flip flops in the summer and show of My perfectly pedicured feet. I sometimes wear toe rings in the summer and love to wear an anklet too, I think they look very sexy around My slim ankles and are another way to dress up My beautiful feet. I love My feet worshiped and best of all love a male to be beneath them where he truly belongs.

High Heel and Boot Worship:

High heels are an absolute must for Me! I very much enjoy high heel and boot worship, I have a fabulous selection and I’d say a good 90% of My collection have been bought for Me as gifts! I love how they give My legs great shape and how the high heel pushes My bottom out in a slinky dress on an evening out! I’m an average height of 5’4” so wearing heels on an evening gives Me that extra height to tower over everyone. Yes I’m tall and sexy in heels and short and cute in flip flops! The best of both worlds! High heels come in many colour’s, styles, materials as well as plain ones, sparkly ones and so on and I’m out to get as many different pairs as I can! I also love boots, casual, snow, ugg, ankle, knee and thigh highs of course! My collection of boots is slowly but surely growing just as My heel collection has. I love the idea of dirty boot worship and would love a male to lick the dirt from the soles of them!

Sissy Sluts and Sissy Training:

I do adore a little sissy! I find most sissy’s are very polite and very respectful which of course is a good thing! I only ever expect complete and utter respect from anyone! There is the odd diva but I don’t see this very often. As I see it I’m the Diva, the spoiled Princess and the Superior female whereas the little sissy is just a cheap whore, a wannabe, who simply just needs abusing! Of course I also love to play nice with sissy’s, moulding them into the girl they long to be, to play dress up, to give advice and tips, but also to enjoy some humiliation! I like to see their array of outfits but also love to mock them for it too. I have had countless sissy’s come to Me over the years and I welcome more of this from these little slut bags!

Long Hair Fetish:

This fetish doesn’t seem very popular, but it’s something I do enjoy. I have to be honest and say I have only ever spoken with one person who enjoys this! Where are all the long hair fetish lovers?! Even though My hair has been complimented on many occasions it hasn’t been the sole reason for a session with Me. I personally love long hair, I think it’s very feminine and very sexy. My hair right now is just about reaching My bottom! It’s also very thick, so I have quite a mane on Me! I’m an admirer of long hair Myself so I like to admire as well as being admired! Long hair for Me is almost innocent, mermaid like, though sexy too!

Fur Fetish:

I have a real thing for fur, I have fur jackets, coats, hand bags, and even on some of My high heels! I have an individual style and don’t follow fashion as such! Fur seems to be in fashion at the moment but because I like it I wear it in and out of fashion too. I don’t know why but I associate fur with money, I think fur looks expensive and I look expensive wearing it. If ever I’m out on an evening I tend to put a fur jacket on I immediately turn into a furred up diva! I do get looked at a lot, but I do like to be noticed, it’s a good job really! Heads turn a lot especially when I wear fur. I love how it looks, how it feels and how fabulous I look in it.

Lipstick Fetish:

I’ve been into lipsticks for quite sometime now, once again as with fur it’ll be one of those things I’ll always love. I love bright sexy lipsticks, pinks, red and corals (a bit like My nail polishes) though also softer pastel colours too, soft pinks and the like. I did have a black lipstick bought for Me once! I’m keeping that for something different!

Spit Fetish:

I really love spit, it’s something fairly new to Me and the more I indulge in this the more I enjoy it! Many may think spit is disgusting, of course spit can be depending on how it’s used, spitting at someone (should never be done! Unless in a play type environment agreed by both/all parties or of course as I do it, at a camera for My fans who love to purchase My spit fetish clips!) Spitting in this way is a great way to humiliate and degrade someone, to make them feel worthless, to show them what you truly think of them! Though I do enjoy the humiliation aspect of spitting I also enjoy the sensual side of spitting, spit/saliva whatever you want to call it, it can be oh so sensual, very sexy! To pass spit from one mouth to another, to let it drip from your tongue onto another, to play with it in your mouth, letting the spit soak your tongue only to have it run over your lips, sexy dripping saliva, I love filming these clips, I really hope My clip addicts enjoy these just much as Me!

Of course there are many other fetishes and kinks that I also enjoy which you can see via My clips.