Raising The Rate…Again!

I do love playing the old ‘raise the rate’ game! Especially when I’m begged for it too!  This male was no different to the rest I’ve spoken to when it comes to this game, another male getting satisfaction from having his wallet emptied and of course Me being the willing Princess happy to take it all from him.

This male came to Me for a webcam session a couple of months ago and pretty much asked Me to play straight away. My price started off at £3.75 per min but quickly moved up to £6.99 per min then to £14.99 per min and lastly to £25.00 per min lol

He couldn’t really handle that last amount as I remember him quickly asking Me if I would lower the rate to which I refused (obviously in a mean mood that day haha) but then of course the session ended as of course he couldn’t afford to play anymore! Fair enough I suppose, maybe I should have lowered My rate again but hey don’t play with what you can’t afford though right! lol and what the hell I was enjoying the fun and being in control even if it meant saying ‘NO’ to him and him having to walk away.

Nod bad with £399.32 minus my commission plus £170.00 in tips on top too. So, £569.32 spent in 50 minutes.

I wonder if he’ll come back for round 2 at some point! ;) lol

Wallet Rinsing On Webcam

Wallet Rinsing On Webcam

Wallet Rinsing On Webcam

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