The Day I Made The Top 50 On Clips4Sale

This is a very late update on this particular post! In fact the day this happened I wasn’t blogging/updating with any news, simply tweeting things (I did tweet about this by the way) but tweets can get lost easily over time and I was proud of this moment and so I wanted to actually share it with you all properly here, also the fact I’m now updating with any news/updates means this piece of news should really be here! :)

So, this actually happened 2nd June 2016 (wow it is a late post!)

I made the top 50 overall on Clips4Sale, (No 48 to be precise) I hung around there for a matter of days before slowly slipping down and of course back off the list, I was so happy though! After being on Clips4Sale for so many years it was brilliant to see My store in the top 50.

I remember mentioning about wondering if I’d ever be in top 50 some day in this post HERE and eventually it happened.

You might wonder what all the fuss is about though like I say it was an achievement, something I was proud of, and still am!

I remember when I first started out filming clips, well lets just say I learned a lot over the years, so to finally see Myself here along with some amazing producers was awesome to see! It’s not easy to get on there and to importantly stay there especially when you’re in essence competing with producers who film totally different clips to you, of course this isn’t the case for all in the top 50, though it is for the many that are.

I always maintain the top 50 for the categories that I post in, take a look now at My clip store, see the categories I post in then look at the top 50 lists for those categories, I’m still there doing well, though I hope that some day soon I make it again onto the main page and the overall top 50 of Clips4Sale!

Keep buying My clips boys!

Top 50 Clips4Sale

Clips4Sale Buyers, Help Me To Earn More!

Just a quick post to let you know that when buying My clips at clips4sale, please make sure you click on the link on My clip store (near the top underneath My photo) before you make your purchase. It’s basically an affiliate link, clips4sale is giving us a higher payout until the 31st May, nothing changes for you, you still pay the same, though I am paid more! So click the link and shop as normal! If you click the link then go clicking about elsewhere you’ll have to click the link again, basically once you’re on My store through that link, don’t close any tabs, don’t let your mind go drifting off else where, just add those clips to your shopping cart and make your purchase. Like I say you still pay exactly the same though I earn that little bit more!

This is the link > HERE

You will also find the same link at the top of My clip store just beneath My photo for future reference.

Thank you!

Clips 4 Sale

I just wanted to talk about My femdom, fetish clips that I list on clips4sale. I started making them back in 2009 (I haven’t made clips continuously since then, it was on and off between 09′-12′ since 2013 onwards I’ve been consistent and now I update every day) anyway, when I look back at what I made then it shows Me when I look at My current clips just how much I’ve improved! I mean, I’m still Me of course! But I’ve grown into Myself more now a few years on and I’m also way more experienced when it comes to understanding fetishes and growing even more into My dominant self! I’ve also improved in other areas such as My recording equipment, My lighting, My editing software and so on and so fourth.

I love getting creative and taking the time to put My clips together! :) I’m so happy that they’re being enjoyed, it only makes Me want to continue with them, knowing that others are enjoying My work. I’ve had some great feedback from My clip fans and commissioned a few custom clips too.

For those of you who know of My clip store and have bought them, how many have you collected so far? What are your favourite type of clips? :) Have I made you a custom clip? If not, why not!? lol  I always get great feedback from those that I’ve made them for and some of you come back for more! I had one guy get 4 in a matter of days! :)

For those of you who haven’t yet had the pleasure of purchasing and downloading any of My clips you really should! :) I’ve had a number of them in the Top 50 for the category it’s listed in and My store also continues to stay in the Top 50 stores for a number of categories too!  Maybe I’ll find Myself in the Top 50 overall one day! Well, you never know!

Anyway, so what’s My style? Surely you should know that by now! lol … But, if you don’t!….

No matter what the clip is about it has My Princess stamp all over it which is why at times you’ll see the same type of clips over and over, (though I do venture off sometimes lol) I’m not going to make clips about every single fetish! I’m not a jack of all trades, master of none! So you’ll find that they’re bratty, demanding, dominating and teasing. I’m a manipulator, a brain washer, a mind fucker! I love using My British voice and looks to My advantage, I have an accent that is enough on it’s own to make you twinge, it’s cute, sweet and well spoken, as well as mischevious, bratty, naughty, demanding and strong. I like to wear tight jeans, heels, stockings, hot pants, lingerie (pretty, cute or sexy) and equestrian clothing too. Basically anything that I feel good in, look good in or suits the role of the clip!

I love making clips in the following categories, boot domination, brat girls, financial domination, femdom pov, goddess worship, legs, ass worship, homewrecker, verbal humiliation, pantyhose/stockings, foot fetishforced bi and blackmail just to name a few!

So, where do I get My ideas and inspiration from? Well of course I use My own mischevious mind ;) My ideas will sometimes pop into My head at the most random times. I’ve also used ideas from some of My webcam and phone sessions, yep the things I’ve spoken about at times you’ll find somewhere in My clip store :) Of course there is also your idea directly if it’s from a custom clip and sometimes I pinch parts of that idea and plant it somewhere into other clips too. There are lots of ways I come up with My clips and they’re just getting better and better! :D

Here’s some pretty gifs to ease up on My writing! ;) each one will take you directly to My store and the clip with description, you can also buy directly from the gifs below by clicking on ‘add to cart’

I also just want to say thank you to those of you who keep coming back and indulging in Me and what I enjoy via My clips, I love that you enjoy it too! :) To those of you who’ve had the pleasure of a custom clip made, thank you for that too! It gives Me an insight into your mind, I love using your idea and putting my ‘Princess’ stamp on it.  A lot of custom requests really make Me tick, I’ve enjoyed every single one I’ve made. On a side note, I only take on customs that suit Me and My style that I know I will enjoy, you’ll know this if you’ve e-mailed Me only to get a “sorry, no”.  I’m picky! lol and that goes back to what I was saying earlier about not making every clip about every fetish under the sun, some things are not Me and never will be!

I update My store now at midnight eastern time (US) so this is 5am in the UK, those of you who live elsewhere can check your own country’s time here. Either way whether you get My clip update before work, when you come home after work, during the afternoon or late at night, you can get yourself into a routine of knowing that it’ll be the same time each day so you’ll know exactly when you can get hold of My newest clip! Be sure to bookmark My store too, just press Ctrl + D (there is also a ‘bookmark’ button on My store too!)

I hope you enjoyed reading My blog entry, now head on over to My clips4sale store and starting clicking on those ‘buy now’ buttons! :)