First Cash Tribute!

I’ve received My very first cash tribute in the post! That might surprise you since I practise Findom and have been for the last 5 years but all of My tributes have only ever been sent online and continue to do so with the exception of mounds of gifts from My Amazon Wishlist it’s easy and instant online so that will never change! :) also I haven’t had My po box address all that time!

Anyway, I loved seeing that envelope on the floor! Even just seeing that it was hand written, I know that sounds odd but just knowing that someone was grabbing a pen and writing out the envelope to My address makes Me tick:) The fact that they did it off their own back, I had no idea about it!

The envelope had a hand written note inside it along with the cash, I have to say the amount is certainly nothing to shout about which is a shame, literally £30.00! Of course a higher amount would have made Me happier but nevertheless it was a payment I was unaware of and it was My first cash tribute so it still makes Me smile :)

I took  a pic like I do with all My gifts and tributes, this one was taken with My ipad and tweeted about so it’s not the best quality photo but it doesn’t matter!

Dominant Princess - Findom - Cash Gift

Now lets make this clear £30.00 isn’t going to excite Me! lol I doubt I’ll be blogging about £30.00 ever again! This post today was simply about it being a cash tribute and My first! :)

Raising The Rate…Again!

I do love playing the old ‘raise the rate’ game! Especially when I’m begged for it too!  This male was no different to the rest I’ve spoken to when it comes to this game, another male getting satisfaction from having his wallet emptied and of course Me being the willing Princess happy to take it all from him.

This male came to Me for a webcam session a couple of months ago and pretty much asked Me to play straight away. My price started off at £3.75 per min but quickly moved up to £6.99 per min then to £14.99 per min and lastly to £25.00 per min lol

He couldn’t really handle that last amount as I remember him quickly asking Me if I would lower the rate to which I refused (obviously in a mean mood that day haha) but then of course the session ended as of course he couldn’t afford to play anymore! Fair enough I suppose, maybe I should have lowered My rate again but hey don’t play with what you can’t afford though right! lol and what the hell I was enjoying the fun and being in control even if it meant saying ‘NO’ to him and him having to walk away.

Nod bad with £399.32 minus my commission plus £170.00 in tips on top too. So, £569.32 spent in 50 minutes.

I wonder if he’ll come back for round 2 at some point! ;) lol

Wallet Rinsing On Webcam

Wallet Rinsing On Webcam

Wallet Rinsing On Webcam

Wallet Draining On Webcam

Just another nice little wallet draining session I thought I’d mention, though this is from November! lol better late then never right?! :) Actually this male bought Me the Canon camera too! (See My post on that here.)

Anyway, so this male who just loves to have his wallet abused by Me spent just over an hour speaking with Me on webcam tipping non stop to get his money from his account into Mine where it belongs as quickly as possible, this male imparticular is pretty pathetic and he knows it! Such an attention seeker but he at least pays for My attention! :)

So what did I take from him? £380.00 in tips and £285.14 as a total for My price per min to speak with Me minus My fees.

Not a bad amount huh

I’m sure at some point I’ll take more from him, he knows he needs to give it all to Me! ;)

Wallet Draining Webcam SessionWallet Draining Webcam SessionWallet Draining Webcam Session

Raising The Rate – £70.00 Per Min!


At the time of this little wallet draining session I knew I should blog about it but I’ve once again been so busy I completely forgot! This session involved good old “wallet” – My walking wallet, atm machine and cash cow.

This was the best draining session I’ve had with him which I know he loved too! :)

Every now and again I’ve raised the rate due to his pleading ;) but this time I truly did drain his account! We started off with our normal type of chat, lots of tipping, Me being a greedy Princess.

Raising The Rate - £70.00 Per Min!

But he pleaded with Me to rape his wallet and asked Me if I would raise the rate so I decided to set it at £25.00 per min! Oh he couldn’t get enough of that and still tipped Me on top of paying that, he just loves to throw his cash all over Me! After a quick session, as it didn’t take long to empty his account at that amount, he so desperately wanted to pay Me again so pleaded with Me to raise the rate again whilst he topped up his account for Me.

Raising The Rate - £70.00 Per Min!

So, this time I raised it to a whopping £70.00 per min!!!

He paid of course and in about 5 min’s flat I took just under £500.00 from him with an added £150.00 in tips! That was for that draining session alone.

Raising The Rate - £70.00 Per Min!

In total I took £647.62 in cam time and £350.00 in tips… yes £997.62!

All in about half an hour! Not bad huh ;)

I’ve mentioned somewhere before that “wallet” needs bringing down a peg or two with his attitude towards Me at times, but I have to say, on this occasion he showed Me a much better attitude as he brought his wallet to Me! A very enjoyable session :)

Enjoying More Gifts :)


It seems like a while since I did a blog post, I tend to do them every fortnight ish – must write more but I’ve been soooo busy lately. Infact this will be a busy month for Me as I’m moving home! :)

I picked My keys up yesterday, but I won’t be able to move in properly until My new bed arrives and a few other things are set up like My all important broadband! Top priority so I can continue to rape wallets, speak with males on webcam, generally humiliate the life out of them and do what I do best. Take, take take :)

So as you’ll see from most of My posts here lately they have been about gifts! Guess what? This one is too!

I can’t help it though ;)

Also lots of My gifts have been for My new home, which I’m so pleased about – I just know whenever I look around (especially in My kitchen) that it will literally be filled with gifts that have been bought for Me which I’ll continue to smile about.

I have to say (which I would never normally) that I do appreciate all that has been bought, I know it pleases all My paying males and it pleases Me too – the combination of a Princess and her Pervs happy together spending and of course taking! :)

I do have a few more homeware items I want so shop, shop, shop and get the last of them ready for when I move in properly. SHOP HERE

Oh and I got My TV too  but I’ll do another post on that separately!

Onto the photos of what I have had lately….

  • 2 x pairs of Lipsy high heels
  • Samsung blu ray player
  • Towel sets
  • Prison Break box set on blu ray
  • Spartacus box set on blu ray
  • Peg bucket

I’m happy once again

Enjoying More Gifts :)

Enjoying More Gifts :)

Enjoying More Gifts :)

Enjoying More Gifts :)

Enjoying More Gifts :)

Enjoying More Gifts :)

Enjoying More Gifts :)