Overdue Gift Post

It’s been over a month since My last blog post, to be honest it’s gone on the back burner since spending so much of My time producing My clips. I’m certainly not complaining about that, I love making My clips! :) … Just saying!

Anyway, this post is well overdue not just because it’s been a while since I blogged but because this is a gift post! :D In fact the gifts I’m showing off today have been piled up in My bedroom for some time now lol

Some of you may recognise them from the odd photo here and there that I’ve uploaded to Twitter and of course if you’ve purchased one or more of these then you’ll spot your gift(s) to Me too :D

These have been bought by different males, some were for My birthday (20th May – yes I didn’t even blog then! Oops) some have been bought from males I’ve never spoken to (just arrived – love those purchases!) Some have been purchased by My clip addicts :)

Here is My amazon wishlist for those of you who can’t seem to find it! *rolls eyes* no excuses! I’ve added more new items on there lately, it’s hard to keep track of items in and out of stock, I try to keep it updated as much as possible, the best thing to do is buy straight away! Obviously! :) Take a look at what I want most, there’s normally a reason behind it too! Like the equipment I want to make My clips even better! (you benefit too!) the sexy clothes and shoes you see on there, I want them for My clips as well! Of course anything on there you buy I’ll like, I put it on there! lol

Now take a look at these fabulous goodies… want your gift to Me on here? Buy one! :)


Gifts Always Please Me!


Just a small blog post with a handful of gifts I have received over the past few weeks from different worshiping males, I have to say I’m most excited by My new Canon EOS 600D camera! A nice £450.00 gift for Me! :D Of course I am also very happy with all of them as I am with every gift I receive, if it’s on My wishlist I want it! No matter how inexpensive or expensive it is! Every gift pleases Me enormously and the gifts on priority (take note of My messages next to these gifts) please Me even more!

I try to keep My wishlist updated as much as I can, but items do go out of stock and of course I am a very busy lady so cannot always keep My eye on it so if you see something you like then do not hesitate in purchasing it for Me. Also, do remember that My wishlist is about Me and what I want though I do realise that many males buy Me what they like too! So a male who likes heels tends to buy these, the cucks buy lingerie, perfume etc some males like to buy the most expensive, some the cheapest! Some actually buy from My priorites :D so if when looking at My wishlist something just doesn’t “grab you” even though it’s about Me!! Simply send Me a gift certificate instead at least then you know you’re still pleasing Me and contributing towards something, maybe the gift you can’t afford but would like to buy most?!

As long as you make your purchase you know that you’ll be pleasing Me which also pleases you!

Win, win! :)

Anyway onto My gifts and of course My good ole’ photos of them :)

Monster Gift Post


It seems a while since I’ve posted anything about gift purchases here (or anything else for that matter) but lately I’ve been receiving so many gifts that each time I was about to do a blog post more arrived in the post!

I thought I’d wait until there was a pause in gift deliveries before I did one!

So here it is!

I love each and every gift I have received but just remember I am never completely satisfied and always want MORE! ;)

So here are My latest gifts…

P.S I always keep My wishlist updated – take note of My priorities on there!

Now, get your wallet out and buy Me something from My wishlist and see your gift purchase here too! :)

Enjoying More Gifts :)


It seems like a while since I did a blog post, I tend to do them every fortnight ish – must write more but I’ve been soooo busy lately. Infact this will be a busy month for Me as I’m moving home! :)

I picked My keys up yesterday, but I won’t be able to move in properly until My new bed arrives and a few other things are set up like My all important broadband! Top priority so I can continue to rape wallets, speak with males on webcam, generally humiliate the life out of them and do what I do best. Take, take take :)

So as you’ll see from most of My posts here lately they have been about gifts! Guess what? This one is too!

I can’t help it though ;)

Also lots of My gifts have been for My new home, which I’m so pleased about – I just know whenever I look around (especially in My kitchen) that it will literally be filled with gifts that have been bought for Me which I’ll continue to smile about.

I have to say (which I would never normally) that I do appreciate all that has been bought, I know it pleases all My paying males and it pleases Me too – the combination of a Princess and her Pervs happy together spending and of course taking! :)

I do have a few more homeware items I want so shop, shop, shop and get the last of them ready for when I move in properly. SHOP HERE

Oh and I got My TV too  but I’ll do another post on that separately!

Onto the photos of what I have had lately….

  • 2 x pairs of Lipsy high heels
  • Samsung blu ray player
  • Towel sets
  • Prison Break box set on blu ray
  • Spartacus box set on blu ray
  • Peg bucket

I’m happy once again

Enjoying More Gifts :)

Enjoying More Gifts :)

Enjoying More Gifts :)

Enjoying More Gifts :)

Enjoying More Gifts :)

Enjoying More Gifts :)

Enjoying More Gifts :)

A Blast From The Past! – Swedish Piggy!


A few weeks ago, a certain piggy re appeared! It’s been a long time since he has come out of his pig pen!

Back in 2009 he used to call Me on My ignore line via TalkSugar – he always left feedback for Me to say how much he loved to listen in on My perfect life and often sent messages saying he couldn’t wait to call Me again! There was also a gift purchase made by him for a pair of very sparkly purple high heels which I still wear now :) … (might have to do a blog post of pic’s of those at some point)

Anyway, getting to My point this loser is called Swedish Piggy, a real loser who knows his place is to be ignored and to of course use his wallet to try and get My attention!

Well….he came out of his pig pen a few weeks ago following Me on Twitter! But also had a couple of cam sessions with Me – he got to see My face oh and I think My feet at some point (where he belongs!) how lucky was he!

He couldn’t wait to get his wallet out to try and please Me and went on a little shopping spree on My amazon wishlist, he bought Me a Russell Hobbs Toaster, a Tefal Pan Set, Wooden Spoons, Pyrex Jug, Colander, Grater, Tin Opener, Wooden Chopping Board and a Bosch Iron with an additional piggy tribute of a £50.00 gift certificate on top with a lovely “thank you” message to Me too :) …. (which oddly came through into My inbox as an attachment and part of it looks upside down)  – strange! – still redeemed it though :)

He needs to work harder though but this is a good start :)

Gifts From Swedish Piggy

Gift Certificate From Swedish Piggy