Overdue Gift Post

It’s been over a month since My last blog post, to be honest it’s gone on the back burner since spending so much of My time producing My clips. I’m certainly not complaining about that, I love making My clips! :) … Just saying!

Anyway, this post is well overdue not just because it’s been a while since I blogged but because this is a gift post! :D In fact the gifts I’m showing off today have been piled up in My bedroom for some time now lol

Some of you may recognise them from the odd photo here and there that I’ve uploaded to Twitter and of course if you’ve purchased one or more of these then you’ll spot your gift(s) to Me too :D

These have been bought by different males, some were for My birthday (20th May – yes I didn’t even blog then! Oops) some have been bought from males I’ve never spoken to (just arrived – love those purchases!) Some have been purchased by My clip addicts :)

Here is My amazon wishlist for those of you who can’t seem to find it! *rolls eyes* no excuses! I’ve added more new items on there lately, it’s hard to keep track of items in and out of stock, I try to keep it updated as much as possible, the best thing to do is buy straight away! Obviously! :) Take a look at what I want most, there’s normally a reason behind it too! Like the equipment I want to make My clips even better! (you benefit too!) the sexy clothes and shoes you see on there, I want them for My clips as well! Of course anything on there you buy I’ll like, I put it on there! lol

Now take a look at these fabulous goodies… want your gift to Me on here? Buy one! :)


First Cash Tribute!

I’ve received My very first cash tribute in the post! That might surprise you since I practise Findom and have been for the last 5 years but all of My tributes have only ever been sent online and continue to do so with the exception of mounds of gifts from My Amazon Wishlist it’s easy and instant online so that will never change! :) also I haven’t had My po box address all that time!

Anyway, I loved seeing that envelope on the floor! Even just seeing that it was hand written, I know that sounds odd but just knowing that someone was grabbing a pen and writing out the envelope to My address makes Me tick:) The fact that they did it off their own back, I had no idea about it!

The envelope had a hand written note inside it along with the cash, I have to say the amount is certainly nothing to shout about which is a shame, literally £30.00! Of course a higher amount would have made Me happier but nevertheless it was a payment I was unaware of and it was My first cash tribute so it still makes Me smile :)

I took  a pic like I do with all My gifts and tributes, this one was taken with My ipad and tweeted about so it’s not the best quality photo but it doesn’t matter!

Dominant Princess - Findom - Cash Gift

Now lets make this clear £30.00 isn’t going to excite Me! lol I doubt I’ll be blogging about £30.00 ever again! This post today was simply about it being a cash tribute and My first! :)

Feel The Rush!

I thought I’d put a reminder here about My PO Box address for gifts, cash, cards etc. Another great way to reach out to Me! But I feel it’s not being used to it’s full potential and that needs to change. Although it’s not a person to person interaction you would have with Me, it’s a great way to feel that extra connection.

For those who enjoying spoiling Me and opening up your wallet, this is a great way to do that! Yes, of course I accept online payments and gifts from My wishlist, I’d be stupid not to do this since you’re all lurking online and of course I don’t do real time sessions, it’s also quick and easy, it works for both parties but of course sending Me that envelope of cash (cold hard cash!) in the post along with a hand written letter/note or gifts that you may want to wrap yourself, especially when it comes to My birthday (20th May). Using My PO Box address for all of these things is the best way to feel the extra rush!

Imagine taking those crispy notes out of your wallet, putting them in an envelope and posting them to Me, knowing that those same notes will go into My purse! It’s one step away from placing them in My hands yourself!

Use My PO Box address for how it was intended, using you, controlling you and taking the cash from you wallet! ;)

PO Box 250, Consett, DH8 1GB, United Kingdom

Manners Before Money!


I thought it was time I wrote a blog post since it’s been 10 days since My last one! I know how much you love to come here and read what I have to say ;)

Anyway, I thought this post would be more of what I think and to put things straight about what matters to Me when it comes to a male approaching Me, whether that’s for a webcam session or an email that is sent to Me.

As the title of this post says, “Manners Before Money”

I presume you can work this out for yourself but really this post is for the dense males out there that need it explaining to them.

Of course it is money and gifts that make Me happy! That goes without saying! What woman doesn’t want to be spoiled? But there are different types of women out there and we’re not all the same! Some women are yes sir, no sir, three bags full sir! Some are not and well, then there is Me!

Just because you open your wallet to Me it’s not automatic that you’ve pleased Me, yes it’s an instant way to get My attention, well done if you’ve managed that! But it’s about the attitude and of course the manners that go with the male that matters most!

I will give you an example. It was just the other week that ‘wallet’ spoke to Me on webcam, he reads My blog here every now and again (so no doubt will read this) he has a lot of money to spend (so it seems) and the amount spent on Me so far has been wonderful however his attitude just doesn’t please Me as much!

He came to Me and told Me “I’m a legend on your blog”  Not impressive! It came across with such arrogance which is an awful trait to have. This male needs to be brought down a few pegs which I’ve done swiftly a couple of times so although he is quick on that tip button his attitude needs to change, now luckily for him he has been out of line the odd time but not enough to be blocked – YET!

You see My personality is who I am but My attitude depends on who you are!

How does My tone of voice seem when I speak to you? If it doesn’t seem great, then what have you done wrong?

To put it even more simply, if I had two males standing in front of Me, one with a £20 note and one with a £50 note and the one with the £50 clicked his fingers at Me to take it from him whereas the one with the £20 asked Me politely if I would take his money from him I’d take the £20 over the £50! WITHOUT A DOUBT!

You see the money I make, earn, take, whatever you want to call it I could make, earn, take a hell of a lot more but there are those odd few times that I choose to turn away from the male with cash in his hands simply because he has no manners.

So think of this next time you try to approach Me – “Manners Before Money”

Enjoying More Gifts :)


It seems like a while since I did a blog post, I tend to do them every fortnight ish – must write more but I’ve been soooo busy lately. Infact this will be a busy month for Me as I’m moving home! :)

I picked My keys up yesterday, but I won’t be able to move in properly until My new bed arrives and a few other things are set up like My all important broadband! Top priority so I can continue to rape wallets, speak with males on webcam, generally humiliate the life out of them and do what I do best. Take, take take :)

So as you’ll see from most of My posts here lately they have been about gifts! Guess what? This one is too!

I can’t help it though ;)

Also lots of My gifts have been for My new home, which I’m so pleased about – I just know whenever I look around (especially in My kitchen) that it will literally be filled with gifts that have been bought for Me which I’ll continue to smile about.

I have to say (which I would never normally) that I do appreciate all that has been bought, I know it pleases all My paying males and it pleases Me too – the combination of a Princess and her Pervs happy together spending and of course taking! :)

I do have a few more homeware items I want so shop, shop, shop and get the last of them ready for when I move in properly. SHOP HERE

Oh and I got My TV too  but I’ll do another post on that separately!

Onto the photos of what I have had lately….

  • 2 x pairs of Lipsy high heels
  • Samsung blu ray player
  • Towel sets
  • Prison Break box set on blu ray
  • Spartacus box set on blu ray
  • Peg bucket

I’m happy once again

Enjoying More Gifts :)

Enjoying More Gifts :)

Enjoying More Gifts :)

Enjoying More Gifts :)

Enjoying More Gifts :)

Enjoying More Gifts :)

Enjoying More Gifts :)