Raising The Rate – £70.00 Per Min!


At the time of this little wallet draining session I knew I should blog about it but I’ve once again been so busy I completely forgot! This session involved good old “wallet” – My walking wallet, atm machine and cash cow.

This was the best draining session I’ve had with him which I know he loved too! :)

Every now and again I’ve raised the rate due to his pleading ;) but this time I truly did drain his account! We started off with our normal type of chat, lots of tipping, Me being a greedy Princess.

Raising The Rate - £70.00 Per Min!

But he pleaded with Me to rape his wallet and asked Me if I would raise the rate so I decided to set it at £25.00 per min! Oh he couldn’t get enough of that and still tipped Me on top of paying that, he just loves to throw his cash all over Me! After a quick session, as it didn’t take long to empty his account at that amount, he so desperately wanted to pay Me again so pleaded with Me to raise the rate again whilst he topped up his account for Me.

Raising The Rate - £70.00 Per Min!

So, this time I raised it to a whopping £70.00 per min!!!

He paid of course and in about 5 min’s flat I took just under £500.00 from him with an added £150.00 in tips! That was for that draining session alone.

Raising The Rate - £70.00 Per Min!

In total I took £647.62 in cam time and £350.00 in tips… yes £997.62!

All in about half an hour! Not bad huh ;)

I’ve mentioned somewhere before that “wallet” needs bringing down a peg or two with his attitude towards Me at times, but I have to say, on this occasion he showed Me a much better attitude as he brought his wallet to Me! A very enjoyable session :)

Wallet Draining and Forced Intox Session


This a bit of a late post, as all My posts seem to be at the minute! Oops (it’s called having a life though unlike you losers and addicted little man puppets who check My site all the time lol)

Anyway…. onto My post, about 2 weeks ago a male came to Me,  he explained how he came across My ‘blackmail bitch‘ video I have of another sweaty loser that I put up on YouTube to frighten him with, he was so captured by My power that he just had to contact Me and to prove his genuine want to get My attention he of course emptied his wallet.

 (He mentions it again at some point through our session)

Wallet Draining and Forced Intox Session

I could sense his desperation from him and from that moment he was suckered in even more, captured in My sticky web like a little weak fly ;) I ordered him to go to his computer where I then reminded him of My website address and pointed him to My wishlist, he looked through and asked Me what I would suggest for him to buy, I told him I wanted the Russell Hobbs Silver Microwave, within a couple of minutes it was bought! (It’s still in it’s box as it’s for My new home – I’m not taking it all out of it’s protective wrapping for you losers)

Wallet Draining and Forced Intox Session

He didn’t stop there though he was so desperate to carry on with the fun so we did a bit of a wallet draining crossed with a forced intox session, that was fun!

He knows how much of a loser he is, how pathetic and worthless he is and had the desire not only to empty his wallet but for Me to disect him, pick away his layers and make him feel even more unworthy!

Wallet Draining and Forced Intox Session

So I started a session with him and took an initial £100 from him, to be paid into My paypal account and sent as a gift (no fee’s then!) he sat there with his bottle of vodka which he wanted to drink mixed with ginger beer! Well he wasn’t going to get away with that! He had to drink the vodka straight haha – he managed, just about! I wanted his head spinning, enough to take over him even more but not so much so that he couldn’t sign into his paypal account again or amazon for My wishlist for that matter! haha

Talking of My wishlist I also got him to revisit it – I knew he already bought Me the microwave and paid £100 but I wanted something else and as you all should know, I do love high heels, he noticed the note I had next to a certain pair of yet again leopard print style high heels so he asked if he could buy those for Me which of course I agreed to.

Wallet Draining and Forced Intox Session

We then continued with our session and I thoroughly enjoyed treating him like a piece of shit on My shoe, telling him what I thought of him, but he also knew his place – a male who really knows his place!!! He knew I was, still am and will always be superior to him!

Wallet Draining and Forced Intox Session

The wallet draining continued with a further £200 paid to Me so that’s £300, a microwave and a pair of high heels.

Wallet Draining and Forced Intox Session

After some time he longed to hear My voice (addictited obviously) so instead of Me typing I put My audio on for him to hear Me and after all the verbal abuse I gave him (which wasn’t Me shouting at him) it was Me humiliating and degrading him with My softly spoken voice as if I were whispering in his ear, making him quiver as I picked away at him and then continuing to dive into his wallet again I finally drained him of yet another £200!

Yes, gifts and £500 cash from this head fucked zombie who to Me is simply a ‘worthless being’ – the name I have decided to give him.

Wallet Draining and Forced Intox Session

Oh and you will also see a couple of payments from another loser too though he is fast becoming annoying and was in My debt! A few weeks ago, he did his desperate “I want to see you Princess” blah blah blah crap we spoke for a little while on cam and then he logged out!

I knew he’d keep for another day and at the time of raping worthless being’s wallet this other loser was whining as usual I told him to basically pay up what he owed or fuck off and hey “I might tell wifey what you’ve been upto” oh he shit his pants and paid up immediately but this fucktard sent Me a £60 payment but forgot to send as a gift! Mistake! (I don’t like paying fees!) So he sent Me a further £20 to try and make up for that little mistake! What an asswipe.

Enough of him, he needs to seriously pull his socks up!

(…and no I don’t go round blackmailing anyone who hasn’t asked for consensual blackmail that has already been agreed to etc! but this loser needs pushing and at the end of the day if you take the piss out of Me I will go one better everytime!)

Oh yes and I still have My gift cert balance of £175 there from another addict (latex dress funds) – must get round to that when I can.

That’s a long post for Me…toodles!