The Day I Made The Top 50 On Clips4Sale

This is a very late update on this particular post! In fact the day this happened I wasn’t blogging/updating with any news, simply tweeting things (I did tweet about this by the way) but tweets can get lost easily over time and I was proud of this moment and so I wanted to actually share it with you all properly here, also the fact I’m now updating with any news/updates means this piece of news should really be here! :)

So, this actually happened 2nd June 2016 (wow it is a late post!)

I made the top 50 overall on Clips4Sale, (No 48 to be precise) I hung around there for a matter of days before slowly slipping down and of course back off the list, I was so happy though! After being on Clips4Sale for so many years it was brilliant to see My store in the top 50.

I remember mentioning about wondering if I’d ever be in top 50 some day in this post HERE and eventually it happened.

You might wonder what all the fuss is about though like I say it was an achievement, something I was proud of, and still am!

I remember when I first started out filming clips, well lets just say I learned a lot over the years, so to finally see Myself here along with some amazing producers was awesome to see! It’s not easy to get on there and to importantly stay there especially when you’re in essence competing with producers who film totally different clips to you, of course this isn’t the case for all in the top 50, though it is for the many that are.

I always maintain the top 50 for the categories that I post in, take a look now at My clip store, see the categories I post in then look at the top 50 lists for those categories, I’m still there doing well, though I hope that some day soon I make it again onto the main page and the overall top 50 of Clips4Sale!

Keep buying My clips boys!

Top 50 Clips4Sale

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