Tribute Me

This is the page that you should visit most often but more importantly actually use the information that I have provided for you! I love to be spoiled, what woman doesn’t! Your aim in life is to make sure that I’m happy, after all a Princess like Me is naturally worshiped and what better way to worship Me then to get your wallet out and use it! So, spoil Me with your tributes and gifts they are an excellent way to get you noticed and may earn you some of My attention that you are craving for.

Money Slave Brainwash

Long term spenders, loyal pets and devoted slaves will earn their place at the top of My ‘attention’ list if you’re not getting any attention from Me then you haven’t earned your place yet! I understand that not everyone is lucky in the financial department! Obviously the more you give the more I smile and the more you are likely to be noticed, but any tribute big or small will show Me you have thought about Me. I have received many, many tributes over the years and it’s never too late to start showing Me your appreciation.

You can use the following ways to gift and tribute Me…

Online Gift Vouchers/Amazon Certificates need to be sent to My email address:

pay-princess@hotmail (dot) (co) (dot) (uk)

You should also be tributing Me after purchasing My clips, it’s the perfect way to show Me your appreciation!