Wallet Draining On Webcam

Just another nice little wallet draining session I thought I’d mention, though this is from November! lol better late then never right?! :) Actually this male bought Me the Canon camera too! (See My post on that here.)

Anyway, so this male who just loves to have his wallet abused by Me spent just over an hour speaking with Me on webcam tipping non stop to get his money from his account into Mine where it belongs as quickly as possible, this male imparticular is pretty pathetic and he knows it! Such an attention seeker but he at least pays for My attention! :)

So what did I take from him? £380.00 in tips and £285.14 as a total for My price per min to speak with Me minus My fees.

Not a bad amount huh

I’m sure at some point I’ll take more from him, he knows he needs to give it all to Me! ;)

Wallet Draining Webcam SessionWallet Draining Webcam SessionWallet Draining Webcam Session

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